Recommendations of the report “No more Excuses!” incorporated on the Strategy and National Action Plan against Domestic Violence 2016-2020

     In 2015 Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) conducted the research “No more Excuses” which aimed to assess citizen’s attitude regarding domestic violence, to monitor the implementation of the legal framework relevant to addressing domestic violence and to evaluate the performance of individual institutions in performing their duties.
     The research involved a survey of 1,315 Kosovo citizens of age 18 above throughout Kosovo, from all ethnic groups (51.6% women and 48.4% man). The survey covered both rural (59.2%) and urban (40.8%) areas. The research also includes more than 200 interviews with representatives of public institutions that are responsible in implementing legal framework, representatives of civil society and other key actors. The report concludes with concrete recommendations for amending the legal framework and for institutions to improve their response to domestic violence.
     In November 2015, initiated by the office of National Coordinator against Domestic Violence, Vice Minister of Justice Mr. Lirak Çelaj, started the process of drafting the new Strategy and National Action Plan against Domestic Violence for the period 2016 – 2020. The data from the KWN’s report “No more Excuses” have been used as a baseline in drafting these two important documents. More than 70% or the report recommendations have been incorporated in these two documents that are the pillars in fighting domestic violence in the Republic of Kosovo.
     This is the second time that the data of research reports conducted by KWN are being used in establishing legal framework and mechanisms in protection from domestic violence. In 2008, KWN had conducted the research report “Security begins at home” which examined the legal framework, levels of awareness about domestic violence, its forms, and the performance of institutions that offer help, whose data on that time were used to draft the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence.

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

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