Artpolis and CPWR advocate for sexual education through art

     On March 20, Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) members Artpolis in partnership with The Centre for Promotion of Women’s Rights (CPWR) organized a meeting in Drenas, as part of the project “Recognition and promotion of sexual and reproductive health rights  and sexual education through art and youth engagement”. Present at this meeting were students who were project beneficiaries, representatives of the Department of Education and Department of Health in the municipality of Drenas, representatives of both partner organizations and the KWN representative.   
     Rising awareness among students has been the main impetus to realize this project. Agnesa Xheladini, project coordinator, said that they wanted students to advocate for sexual education through art. She also noted that during the project, meetings were held with students from two schools in Drenas and Pristina followed with distribution of informational brochures on HIV / AIDS disease; and by using theatre performance a training was held with regard to sexual education and reproductive health.
     The representative from the Education Department stated that during this year there has been comprehensiveness of the curricula and that it is mandatory for all teachers to explain the whole literature within their curricula. She also asked students to report cases when teachers skip a subject; if that happens the school principal should take measures, otherwise the Education Department of the municipality of Drenas will react. On the other hand, the representative of the Health Department added that subjects related to sexual education have been treated poorly in schools, therefore students lack such knowledge.
     Topics related to sexual education are dealt mostly within the class of biology and civic education, but students say that they are explained very little, even with such comments from teachers that "these issues are not of your concern". Another problem related to lack of discussion on these topics is that they are considered as a taboo for the family and the community.  As a second problem why these topics are not discussed is that teachers often skip topics related to sexual education.
     Students expressed their gratitude for this project, stating that they are satisfied with all the gained Knowledge. One of the stated that “now I believe that I am freer to talk about sexual education with my family, and why not initiate in the future other similar trainings.”
     The project realization by Artpolis and Centre for Promotion of Women’s Rights has been made possible through Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF) funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo. 

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

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