KWN Held its members bimonthly meeting
On 3 April 2017, Kosovo Women’s Network hold its members bimonthly meeting, which gathered 74 representatives of KWN’s member organisations, members of Kosovo Lobby for Gender Equality, donors, representatives from the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and other supporters of KWN.
            Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of KWN, shared the information that KWN has changed its location and address of the new office is: St. Feriz Blakçori, Floor II, No. 8. One of the reasons of changing the location is offering the possibility for easy access to people with special needs.
            Further, Mrs. Rogova invited representatives of different institutions and projects that work on the field of women’s economic empowerment, to present their work and cooperation opportunities available for KWN member organizations.
            Shqipe Dema, Head of the Department for Rural Development Policies within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (MAFRD), spoke about the Program for Rural Development and Subventions, offering participants the possibility that for any question or clarification to contact:; +377 (0)45 353 253; +381 (0)38 200 38 883, as well as to visit the web page of the Agency for Agricultural Development: in their Facebook page:
Further, Sherife Sekiraça, Equal Opportunities and Children's Rights Officer, from MAFRD, spoke about the equal opportunities for women’s access on Ministry funds, emphasizing that in the beginning of 2010, only 4% of beneficiaries of these funds were women, while now there are 32%. Contact:
Later, Mirlinda Kusari – Purrini, Executive Director of Women's Business Association SHE-ERA, informed people present that SHE-ERA offers counseling, business planning, preparation of documents required to apply for different tenders, offers marketing strategy and market research, human resource development services and operational management services for local entrepreneurial women businesses. For further information, visit:, or contact: +381 (0)390 323 194 and
Alida Muhaxhiri, Market Sector Facilitator on Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE) Swisscontact, presented the work of PPSE on the tourism and food processing (for further details visit: She also presented the platform Women’s Economic Empowerment – Bussiness Directory, which is an online platform developed specifically for listing all Kosovo businesses that are owned or co-owned by women. The Bussiness Directory also emphasizes the problems women in bussinness face and useful information on grants, tenders, employment opportunities etc. (for further details visit:
Vlora Elshani, Project Menager spoke about the opportunities offered through the project Integrated Territorial Development 2 (InTerDev 2). For further information, visit:
Luarza Muhadri, Menager of the Project Rural Economic Sustainability Initiative (RESI), spoke about this project that aims to contribute in a sustainable and inclusive rural economic development, as well as generating income and jobs in the municipalities of Prishtina, Novobbrdo, Kamenica and Ranillug. For further information visit: or contact +381 (0) 38 222 435/243 546 and
Bernandina Krasniqi, representative of the Local Development Fund (LDF) said that LDF aims the promotion of the integrated and sustainable regional development in the Agriculture Sector by strengthening existing and potential local structures. For further information, visit: or contact: + 377 (0) 44 47 98 77.
Elena Lau, representative of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, shared information about two projects supported by GIZ: Competitiveness of the private sector in rural areas (COSiRA), and the project: Youth, Employment and Skills (YES). For further information, visit: and
Among others, Fatime Gërxhaliu from Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT) informed participants that on 29 of March, KRCT together with the Centre for Promotion of Women's Rights (CPWR) in Drenas have opened a store, where through selling handicraft products they aim to generate income for women survivors of sexual violence from the last war in Kosovo, empowering them economically.
After the presentations, people present at the meeting, voted the selection of 3 new members of the Grant Review Commiittee (GRC) of the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF). All the names nominated by KWN members were listed on the ballots. The new members selected for the Grant Review Commiittee are: Sanije Grajçevci, Executive Director of NGO Aureola (14 votes) and Zana Hoxha Krasniqi, Executive Director of Artpolis (9 votes), and Valdete Idrizi, Director of CiviKos Platform (19 votes).
The next bimonthly meeting of KWN members will take place on Jun. 17. This activity was supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo.  



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