During June’s Election, KWN called to Vote for Women

  Being politically impartial and without intending to favor any political subject, on the first week of June, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) started a campaign through social media, appealing to vote the women in electoral lists of early elections for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, held on 11 June 2017, in order to contribute to the fifty percent (50%) representation for each gender, as guaranteed by the Law no. 05 / L-020. The campaign started shortly after the call for on political entities to respect Law no. 05 / L-020 on Gender Equality and to provide equal opportunities for men and women on the candidate lists submitted to the Central Election Commission (CEC). 
       Women still remain very little represented in politics and in decision- making at national, municipal and party level. According to the Law on Gender Equality no. 05 / L-020 it is our obligation as citizens to elect more women in parliament, given that political entities and the Central Election Commission (CEC) have failed to implement this Law. 
     The Law on Gender Equality guarantees gender integration, which means “incorporating a gender perspective at every stage of the process, planning, adoption, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of legislation, policies or programs and budgets in all political, economic and social areas”. 
     Also, this law states that "Equal gender representation in all legislative, executive and judiciary bodies and other public institutions is achieved when ensured a minimum representation of fifty percent (50%) for each gender, including their governing and decision-making bodies.” (Article 6, paragraph 8). Article 14 also states: “Political parties with their acts are obliged to implement measures to promote equal participation of men and women at authorities and bodies of the parties in accordance with provisions of Article 6 of this Law”, which also states that: “Legislative, executive, judicial bodies at all levels and other public institutions shall be obliged to adopt and implement special measures to increase representation of underrepresented gender, until equal representation of women and men according to this Law is achieved”. (Article 6, paragraph 7). 
        The KWN considers that many of the political entities in Kosovo have violated Law no. 05 / L-020 by failing to provide equal opportunities for men and women in their electoral lists. At the same time, KWN considers that the CEC has also violated Law no. 05 / L-020 by not objecting the lists submitted by political entities and at the same time not requesting their amendment. Meanwhile, after the elections, the CEC published lists with the voted MPs, where 38 are women, compared to 82 men. This means that the Assembly will consist of 31.6% women. 17 out of 38 women are selected by quota. This means that only 43% of selected women are selected because of the quota. 
        KWN will continue to work on supporting women’s participation in Central and Municipal Assemblies is a part of the KWN Strategy 2015-2018. KWN considers the elections as a fundamental element of a democratic state and gender equality as a fundamental human right, therefore we deem it necessary and important for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo to be given equal opportunities. The lack of democratization and inadequate participation of women in decision-making within most political entities has historically unjustly deprived women of their participation in decision-making at central and local level.

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network