Kosova Women’s Network Helps Fatime Register her House and Land

Fatime Limaj from Banjë, Malisheva, defeated cancer, but her prolonged battle left its scars. What began as a treatment for an abdominal tumor led to complications that claimed her foot. She is now cancer free, but unable to find work because of her disability.
         Although Kosovo law guarantees protection and benefits for the disabled, the government has turned its back on Fatime.
With three children at home, an unemployed husband, and no income, she began to work her family’s land. She couldn’t apply for loans, nor did she qualify for any of the grants from the government or international donors. The land was not in her name, and she had no money to register as owner.
      She learned by word of mouth that a nonprofit group had begun assisting married couples register their shared property for free, covering all their administrative costs. Fatime talked to her husband about it, and they both decided to apply. With the support of Arta Shushka, the coordinator of the Open Door Association, Fatime registered her house as shared spousal property and her land as her own separate property.
       Now Fatime wants to apply for grants to double her arable land. “I think I will get the grants,” she says, “since I now have 20 more points according to the ministry’s application, just for having my own land.”
She is also contemplating using solar energy to raise crops all year through and employ more women in need.
“Right now I can only hire five women during the summer. I usually try to find women who are heads of household and help them. I intend to employ more workers in the future.”
        Parents of a daughter and two sons, Fatime and her husband want their children to inherit equal shares of their property.
“I have three children. I don’t care if they are girls or boys, they are still my children, and their sex does not determine their worth to me. They are all the same in my eyes.”
Thus far, Kosovo Women’s Network with support of PPSE Swiss Contact has helped 150 women initiate action to register or inherit real property.



Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

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