Women’s Center ATO

People in the villages of Vushtria, because of their economic conditions, are unable to offer transport for their children, therefore there are a lot of cases where students (better said girls) are obliged to drop out from school.Having on mind that women and men in rural areas, namely parents are not aware that there is a law. 04/L-32, article 15 section 5 for pre-university education in the Republic of Kosovo that provides students with free transport in the distance of 5 km from school for obligatory education, Women's Center ATO is going to undertake an initiative involving women (and men) in the community to advocate for the issue.

The activities will include visits to 10 villages of the municipality in order to discus on the topic; distribution of brochures' with information's; preparation of Petition demanding free transport; organizing a round table where councils of parents from 10 villages will advocate directly with representatives to the Department of Education and any other additional meetings nessecary.

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

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