Building the capacity of KWN

Established in 2000, KWN was originally an informal network of women’s groups and organizations from various regions in Kosova. Since its inception, KWN has developed into a network that advocates on behalf of Kosovar women, at the local, regional and international level. Representing the interests of women’s organizations of all ethnic groups from throughout Kosova, KWN is a leader among civil society organizations in Kosova and the region. Since 2003, KWN has increased its membership from its initial 42 members to its current 125 member organizations. In 2006, KWN became the first network of not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations in Kosova to adopt a code of conduct, setting an example of transparency and accountability. 

KWN cooperates regularly with other women’s groups in the region both informally and formally. During initial negotiations regarding Kosova’s political status, KWN was an active member of the Regional Women’s Lobby for Justice, Peace, and Security in South East Europe and the Women’s Peace Coalition.

While considering these accomplishments, as donors have begun to withdraw from Kosova, decrease their support, or allocate support to other issues, women’s organizations are facing challenges in securing funding for continuing their work. Many lack skills in fundraising within this new, more competitive context.

KWN’s Strategy

Towards the long-term sustainability of KWN and its members, as well as the implementation of its Code of Conduct, the program aims for women’s groups and organisations in Kosova, the region, and internationally to cooperate and communicate regularly, as well as to organize around issues of joint concern. Planned program outcomes include:

  • Ensure regular, continued communication and cooperation among KWN members and other stakeholders
  • Improve the institutional capacity of KWN and its members towards greater advocacy capacity, and the long-term sustainability of the network
  • Increase cooperation among women in the region towards transitional justice, peace and security

Through this program, KWN offers services to its members, including information, technical support, project proposal-writing assistance, donor relations, advocacy strategies, and translation assistance. We keep members informed of political issues impacting women, each other’s activities, funding opportunities, and local and international campaigns for women’s rights. For more information about this program, please consult our Strategic Plan.

Prior Activities towards Building the Capacity of KWN

  • Women’s Organizations Build a Network

    On 9 December 2003, KWN held its First Annual Membership Meeting in Prishtina. More than 50 network members and supporters discussed ways to build the network and its membership. Network members also elected the first seven-member KWN Board of Directors. During their first meeting, the Board elected Naxhije Buçinca to serve as the Chair of t...

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