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Klubi i Basketit me Karroca “Marsi” (KBK) (Basketball Club with Wheelchairs “March”)

Mission: The rights of women with disabilities and their integration into society with the promotion of sports: promotes and prevents disabilities; provides rehabilitation services as well as the recognition and full participation of persons with disabilities (PWD) in society.
Year established: 2008
Target Group: Women, men and the elderly
Area of expertise: Education, Health, People with Special Needs, Psychosocial Assistance / Rehabilitation / Reintegration
Activities: Provides employment opportunities, literacy, training and courses for making jewelry, sewing and computers; organizes roundtables, programs for human resource development, volunteerism; organizes training in sports, sensitive to the specific needs of persons with special physical needs; provides workshops for the disabled in sports policy; develops management skills with specific experts in this field; provides training and capacity building for women with disabilities in using wheelchairs; organizes dancing duets with wheelchairs; establishes women’s groups for new sports: Ping-Pong, darts, chess, swimming, etc.; identifies adolescents isolated in rural areas and integrates them in sports groups and society.
Contact Person: Nafije Gashi
Address: Zahir Pajaziti str., nn, Prizren
Municipality: Prizren

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