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Qendra Kosovare për Studime Gjinore (QKSGJ) Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC)

Mission: The mission of the Kosovar Gender Studies Center is to integrate gender-sensitive analysis, programs, and policies in all sectors of Kosovar society by increasing gender awareness, increasing focus on gender issues in the Kosovo education system, developing gender studies, and ensuring the inclusion of gender sensitive policies through research. In addition, its mission is to empower women in political and civic initiatives through expertise and educational initiatives and thus affirm values that promote gender equality also by collaborating and networking internationally.
Year established: 2002
Target Group: Non-governmental organizations, activists, government institutions, students, university professors, researchers, journalists and policy makers
Area of expertise: Education, Research
Activities: Educates on gender issues; conducts research for publications; runs a library; organizes cultural events; undertakes public policy advocacy related to gender equality and gender studies;; promotes gender studies programs in higher education; reviews policies from a critical feminist perspective; transforms the social status of women with special emphasis on women’s rights; encourages and supports the culture and knowledge of women through research; develops a culture of dialogue without gender-based violence,
Contact Person: Luljeta Vuniqi
Phone: +381 (0)38 735 991 Mob:+377 (0)44 116 898
Address: Nëna Tereze, Nr. 18/1, Prishtina
Municipality: Pristina

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