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Qendra për Mbrojtjen e Viktimave dhe Parandalimin e Trafikimit me Qenie Njerëzore (MVPT) Center for Protecting Victims and Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings (PVPT)

Mission: Offer multi-sector services, including education,research, awareness-raising and advocacy, always contributing to the prevention of trafficking, long-term rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of trafficking, potential victims and children at risk of being trafficked.
Year established: 2003
Target Group: Victims of trafficking, potential victims, children at risk of being trafficked and the community in general.
Area of expertise: Gender-based Violence / Domestic Violence /Anti-Trafficking
Activities: Raises awareness to combat trafficking in human beings; offers direct protection of trafficked victims, potential victims and children at risk of being trafficked; rehabilitation services including housing, medical services, psychological and legal counseling, education, awareness raising and empowerment; reintegration services, including vocational training, socio-economic empowerment, employment opportunities and a return to the family and community.
Contact Person: Hamijet Keti Dedolli
Phone: +381 (0)38 609 140
Municipality: Pristina

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