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Shoqata e Grave Drita e Krushës (ShGDK) (Women’s Association Light of Krusha)

Mission: Supporting women from rural places in opening micro- businesses.
Year established: 1999
Target Group: Women from rural places
Area of expertise: Economic Empowerment
Activities: Possesses vegetable processing workshop where 50 women are involved and 250 women cooperate; aims for women to have the opportunity to produce and benefit so that they may be independent.
Contact Person: Ola Syla
Phone: +377 (0)44 168 502 +386 (0)49 168 502
Address: Dardania, SU 4/4, FS, Krushë e Madhe
Municipality: Rahovec

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network