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Kosovo Women’s Fund Allocates 29 Grants Amounting to Over €214,000
“Shtëpia e Sigurtë” in Gjakova Holds Psycho-Social Sessions with Perpetrators of Gender-Based Violence
“You Can Do” Publishes the Analysis: “Gender-Based Violence Against Women with Disabilities”
The Danger to Equality in Kosovo: NGOs at Risk of Closure
NGO Bliri Issues Recommendations for Women’s Access to Gynecological Services
Nexhmije Pagarusha: “Queen of Albanian Song,” Motivating and Empowering Girls and Women
Advije Gashi, the Woman Who Never Gave Up
Violeta Rexhepagic: The Brave Woman Who Broke All Barriers and Taboos
Vjosa Berisha: A Visionary Catalyst of Change and Women’s Empowerment

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