Kosovo Women’s Fund Allocates 29 Grants Amounting to Over €214,000

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On 22 May, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) held an Orientation Session on which occasion it
awarded 29 grants within the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF), amounting to a total of € 214,247.41.
More specifically, 29 grants were allocated within this round with support of: The Sigrid Rausing Trust
for core support in amount of €125,387.03 for 13 grants. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and cofunded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through the Embassy of
Sweden in Pristina, as part of the initiative “Further Advancing Women’s Rights in Kosovo II” in amount
of €68,862.38 for 14 grants. By the European Union Office in Kosovo (EU) via KWN’s initiative: “Enhancing
the Capacities and Resilience of CSO’s: Furthering Gender Equality Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in
amount of €19,998 for 2 grants.

SRT supported grant beneficiaries include:

• Handikos Mitrovica – €10,000.00
• OPDMK, Organizata për Distrofi Muskulore e Kosovës – € 9,880
• Blind Women of Kosova Committee – €10,000
• Youth Association for Human Rights – €10,000
• Lawyers Association Norma – €9,998
• Women`s Inclusion Center – €9,997
• Mitrovica Women Association for Human Rights – €9.969.03
• Rrjeti i Organizatave të Grave Rome Ashkali dhe Egjyptiane të Kosovës – RROGRAEK – €10,000.00
• Shoqata Ndërkomunale e të Verbërve Prizren – € 5.551
• MEDICA KOSOVA (MK) – €10,000
• Centar Manjinske Zajednice – €9,991
• Sundimi i Demokracisë në Kosovë – SDK – €9,998
• She Solutions / Ajo Zgjidhje – €10,000

ADA supported grant beneficiaries include:

• Youth Association for Human Rights – with the initiative “Awareness raising and advocacy for
quality health care” (€5,000.00).
• Women’s Alliance for Integration with the initiative, “Mobilization of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian
women and girls for mental and sexual health rights” (€ 5,000)
• Ura Sociale – Promotion of quality education & transformation of traditional gender norms – (€
• Humanus Vita – with the initiative “Incorporating sexual education and challenging stereotypes
towards transforming gender norms through education” (€ 4,916.00)
• Have Hope -with the initiative “Protecting the health of women and girls – raising awareness about
cancer in women” (€ 5,000.00).
• Hendikos Mitrovica- with the initiative of empowering women and girls with disabilities. A
comprehensive approach to reproductive health (€ 5,000.00)
• Committee of Blind Women of Kosovo – with the initiative “Inclusive education for blind and
visually impaired children” (€ 4,998.75)

• MEDICA KOSOVA (MK) with the initiative “Examination of perception in secondary education about
wartime sexual violence and stereotypes related to sexual violence and gender-based violence”
• Follow up with the initiative “Analysis of the school curriculum and educational forms on sexual
consent in secondary schools” (€ 5,000)
• NGO “Drugëza” with the initiative “Increasing women’s access to quality health care” (€5,000)
• Woman farmer with the initiative “Promotion of primary health care for women in rural areas”
• Moravski Biser with the initiative “Equal health care for all” (€4,971.00)
• Center for Education and Community Development – Friends with the initiative “Cancer
survivors advocate for the improvement of health/oncology services in the Municipality of
Mitrovica” (€5,000)
• EcoKosWomen EKW with the initiative “Promotion of health care: necessary part of life”

EU supported grant beneficiaries include:

• The Ideas Partnership with the initiative “Empowerment of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women
and youth on advocacy and health education” (€ 9,998.00)
• Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo – NORDK with the initiative
“Enhancing Socio-Economic Empowerment of Rural Women” (€10,000.00).

KWN’s KWF provides small grants to women’s organizations that do not have access to other sources of
funding and who seek to work for women’s rights, especially for groups working in rural areas and/or
marginalized persons. Since 2012, KWF has allocated 281 grants, thus supporting 153 organizations, by
a total amount of €1,691,822. In 2023, the KWF is supported by the EU, the Austrian Development
Agency (ADA), Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), United Nations Population Fund
(UNFPA) and the Sigrid Rausing Trust.