20 Years of Resolution 1325: Kosovo Needs to Implement This Resolution

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Dear Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Avdullah Hoti,

Dear State Coordinator for the Dialogue with Serbia Mr. Skender Hyseni,

On the eve of the 20th Anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), as a network of 156 member organizations, request that the Government of Kosovo ensure women’s meaningful participation in negotiations, peace, and security processes, as guaranteed by this Resolution.

For twenty years, KWN has used UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security to fight for gender equity, peace, and security in Kosovo. Resolution 1325 expresses concern that the vast majority of persons affected by armed conflict are women. Thus, the Resolution stresses the importance of recognising women’s role in the prevention, solution, and consolidation of peace. 

Even though recent research conducted by KWN, entitled Where Is My Seat at the Table? evidences the substantial contributions of (young) women to peace and security during and after the war, women’s priorities and needs have not been addressed during the negotiations or dialogue with Serbia. Therefore, drawing from input from 434 diverse women and young women from different ethnic groups living in Kosovo, we ask the Government of Kosovo to address women’s main priorities during the ongoing dialogue with Serbia:

  1. Ensure the meaningful participation of women in decision-making related to the negotiations and dialogue, both through participation in the official negotiation team and through public consultations;
  2. Request that Serbia recognise publicly and apologise for crimes committed against civilians by the state; 
  3. Ensure the return of missing persons;
  4. Prosecute people who committed war crimes, including sexual violence perpetrated during the war, thereby ensuring justice; and
  5. Secure compensation and reparations for the state’s destruction of civilians’ livelihoods, including the return of pensions.

KWN will continue to closely monitor the implementation of Resolution 1325 by the Government of Kosovo and the involvement of women in decision-making. We remain at your service to provide names of qualified persons and to support in the organizing of public consultations, towards ensuring a democratic, transparent, and participatory process which is crucial for lasting peace and security in Kosovo, Serbia, and the region.

Thank you for your attention and immediate action on this issue.

Igballe Rogova, Ekzekutive Director of Kosovo Women’s Network