KWN publishes a monthly electronic-newsletter (e-news) titled Kosovar Women’s Voice. Our annual reports share with members, partners, supporters and friends information about our programs, income and expenditures each year.

We publish topical research reports, among other reports, on issues related to our programs. KWN also regularly writes advocacy letters on issues of concern to our members, women and girls in Kosovo.

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Policy Brief GRB in Kosovo 2024 Budget

KWN and Institute GAP's Policy Brief with recommendations for institutionalising gender-responsive budgeting in Kosovo in accordance wi...

KWN: Advocacy Letter for Budget Line for Centers for Social Work

On 20 October, Kosovo Women’s Network sent a letter to Government to advocate for a sufficient budget to cover all expenses necessary f...

Recommendations for 2022 Budget Appropriations

The Kosovo Women’s Network and UN Women have several recommendations for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo before it adopts the La...

Addressing COVID-19 from a Gender Perspective

KWN Proposes Measures Addressing COVID-19 from a Gender Perspective:  Recommendations to the Government of Kosovo

Letter to the Deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) calls upon the deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo support the amendment of Law No. 04/...