Active Women of Gjakova (AWG)

Although the Kosovo Constitution provides the framework for the realization and actualization of commitment to justice in a democratic society, the above commitment is faced with many challenges in implementation. There is a huge need to enlarge the support in order to achieve substantial justice.The implementation of the legislation which is generally associated with protecting women from violence is not in the desired level. The information system to provide help for women and youth, is not efficient and women and youth don’t have equal access to their rights and legal protection against violence in general.

Therefore, the NGO Active Women of Gjakova undertook the initiative "Implementation of the law on protection from domestic violence" which was realized through informative sessions on topics: domestic Violence in general and the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence Nr.03/L182; monitoring strategy for the Municipality of Gjakova for domestic violence; Debates on the topic of the implementation of Law on Protection from Domestic Violence; and the publication of the monitoring report (findings and recommendations from the monitoring).

By organizing these activities, thew NGO aimed to ensure that the current existing laws for protection against domestic violence, are applied and enforced in Gjakova and to  promote the slef f-initiative of women for their capacity building based on the laws.