Members of “Ato” explain the project to KWN representatives.

Ato (They)

Women in Kosovo’s rural areas tend to lack information about their health in general and reproductive health specifically. Therefore Women’s Association Ato decided to organize a campaign for women’s health education.

Women in rural areas of Vushtrri Municipality, including the villages of Pantinë, Druar, Novolan, Oshllan and Dru i Madh, attended lectures about reproductive health, protection from unwanted pregnancy, child growth and domestic violence, including what to do in violent home situations.

“Women spoke freely about these topics and did not hesitate to ask questions,” said Hazbije Dibrani, a nurse at the Family Medicine Center in Vushtrri who led the training. “I also offered women the opportunity to visit me at work in case they ever need any help with such issues,” she said.

Altogether 94 women from three villages in Vushtrri Municipality gained health awareness through this initiative.

“The project has been very successful and women’s requests to continue with such trainings have been enormous,”said Fikrije Ferizi, the association’s Director.