Women in Gjakova learn about pregnancy and maternity.

Gratë Aktive nga Gjakova (Active Women of Gjakova)

The organization Active Women of Gjakova organized a lecture series for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women in Gjakova regarding pregnancy.

“I didn’t know anything about the methods I could use to protect myself from unwanted pregnancy,” said Tabe Maliqi,a woman who participated in the lectures.

“Thanks to KWN, around 170 women with minimal education and very bad economic conditions now have basic information about this topic,”said Valbona Rizvanolli, Director of Active Women of Gjakova. “This is something they had known little to nothing about.”

For example, “until now I thought that the period of pregnancy lasted six months,” a woman said.“It was only through this project that I learned that it’s actually nine months.”

The women participating did not only discuss issues of pregnancy and maternity; they also expressed their will to discuss issues with a gynecologist and visit her for an exam. Considering their poor economic situation, the organization plans to identify a solution for them to receive such check-ups in the future.