KWN Condemns Matoshi’s Discriminatory and Sexist Language

Through this press release, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) calls once more against discriminatory, sexist and misogynistic language against women in politics and decision-making.

Most recently, Halil Matoshi, the political analyst, addressed the Minister of Education, Science and Technology and Innovation Arbërie Nagavci with discriminatory language in a televised debate on Kanal 10.

Matoshi’s language should be condemned overall, nonetheless on television, media and public debates. Women face discriminatory language by men just because they are women in decision-making positions. As such, these insults not only do not coincide with women’s work and achievements, they further erroneously reinforce the belief that women in politics are not sufficiently competent for the positions they hold.

This is not the first insult to a woman in politics. We recall that many public figures have approached with the same offensive, discriminatory, sexist and misogynistic language the many women we have in decision-making positions, whether national or local.

Women continue to be a constructive part of the political process in Kosovo, so KWN strongly condemns any attempt to devalue their political role through discriminatory, sexist and misogynistic acts, such as this one. Also, this practice radically challenges the achievement of an equal, inclusive society, as well as undermines the progressive aspirations of the Republic of Kosovo.