KWN Demands Maximum Sentence for the Murder of the Woman by her Husband in Llausha

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The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) with deep concern has followed the report made today by the media regarding the murder of a 48 years old woman with the initials L.Q., by her husband S.Q, .51 years old, in Llausha of Skenderaj.

Seeing that murder cases of women by their husbands are on the rise, KWN urges institutions to take such cases with increasing seriousness by all justice bodies such as the Police, Prosecution, and Courts.

This case only reveals and reminds us once again of the institutional shortcomings in the proper treatment of murders of women and femicide. One more woman got murdered in the country; murders of women are being accompanied with institutional silence, procrastination and low sentences.

Therefore, KWN requests an investigation of this case until the last trial and requests a maximum sentence against the murderer.

The successive murders of so many show that the actions and decisions of the judiciary are not effective in preventing the murder of women and these actions and decisions are only motivating the perpetrators even more, while demotivating women and girls to seek justice and to report cases of violence.