KWN Reacts to Dismissal of Indictment in the Case of the Rape of the 11-Year-Old Girl

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) reacts to the institutional neglect, failure to investigate, and failure to collect evidence in the case of the rape of an 11-year-old girl. We have learned through media reports that a local judge dismissed the indictment against five individuals, two of whom are adult suspects and three minors, for the rape of the 11-year-old girl that took place in August 2022. According to Judge Adnan Isufi, “the indictment from the prosecution is not clear, and the factual description does not match the legal qualification of criminal offenses.”

The failure to properly investigate the case and the improper indictment by the prosecution result in a series of institutional failures, which ultimately allow the perpetrators to go free and increases the likelihood of reoffending. Despite numerous reports of rape and murder of women, prosecutors continue to fall short in investigating these cases and filing charges that accurately reflect the criminal offenses described in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo.

As a result, girls and women must not only confront their abusers, but also the patriarchal institutions that do not adequately protect their lives and dignity. The failure of prosecutors to properly handle these cases leads to long delays in finding justice, and this further discourages victims of gender-based violence from coming forward to report their experiences. This perpetuates a cycle of violence and undermines the fundamental human rights of girls and women.

Therefore, we respectfully request that the prosecutor’s office conducts a thorough investigation into the crime and prepares a comprehensive indictment to ensure that the culprits receive the appropriate punishment.

Additionally, we request the Prosecution Council of Kosovo to take necessary measures regarding the low-quality indictments that are being rejected by the courts. At the same time, they should take appropriate disciplinary action against the relevant prosecutors to restore trust in the institution.

KWN remains dedicated to supporting and assisting victims of gender-based violence by offering free legal advice and referring them to relevant institutions. If you or someone you know is in need of free legal assistance for cases of gender-based violence, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the following number: 038 245 850.