KWN Welcomes Life Sentence for Pajazitaj, Demands Fighting Violence Against Women Without a Compromise

Through this press release, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) welcomes today’s decision of the Basic Court in Ferizaj in sentencing Naser Pajazitaj to life in prison for the killing of his cousin, Donjeta Pajazitaj in November 2015.

Since the killing of Donjeta Pajazitaj, KWN has made continuous efforts to bring justice and for the victim and ensure that the perpetrator to receive the punishment he deserves.

KWN, representing 158 member organizations from all over Kosovo, protested to demand justice in this case and repeatedly called on institutions to respond adequately as the Basic Court in Peja initially acquitted the accused Pajazitaj, in March 2018.

Witnessing a disturbing number of cases of physical and sexual violence against women in recent times, decisions like this bring a glimmer of hope that violence towards women is being punished without compromise and without any justification.

KWN’s latest research report “From Laws to Action”, once again pointed out, inter alia, that the punishments for perpetrators of gender-based violence are low, that there is a tendency to “blame the victim”. Sadly, the police officers refer victims to shelters rather than initiate criminal proceedings against the perpetrator of violence.

You can read the full report HERE.

KWN is committed to continuing its decades-long efforts to monitor the institutional response to gender-based violence, in order to to prevent violence against women and improve institutional and public support for victims of violence.