RadosavaMirkovic wears a T-shirt with the motto “Stop Violence.”

Lepsa Buducnost

In a small village of 500 inhabitants women rarely have the opportunity to speak about their problems, especially domestic violence. The gossip would be difficult to bear.Lepsa Buducnos tprovided the opportunity for women to gather and discuss the issues they face.

“This is the first time that women have had the chance to talk about their problems, especially problems related to domestic violence,”said Liljana Stefanovic. “It is very important for us.”

During a forum organized by Lepsa Buducnost, 25 Serb and Roma women shared information about family violence. They also discussed protection mechanisms, advocacy tools and ways to promote women’s human rights in Priluzje. The organization also shared information with people in their village through pamphlets and T-shirts with the motto, “Stop Violence.”

“With support from the Kosova Women’s Network, we increased our capacity for implementing small projects,” said Radosava Mirkovic, the organization’s director. “Even this small project made big changes in our lives,” she said.