NGO Bliri

The health care sector, being not financed enough, has negatively impacted in particular the health of women, resulting in a general lack of awareness about gynecological health, antenatal care and prevention of breast cancer.
Women in rural areas have highlighted travel expenses as an obstacle to access to gynecological and antenatal training. Apart from that, the traditional social-cultural norms affect the health of many women in Kosovo. For example some women hesitate to do annual Gynecology and Obstetrics checkups, because most of the gynecologists are male. There is lack of sexual education in schools, limited access to family planning assistance as well as free or unpaid contraceptives, and the lack of awareness and education about the ovaries and breast cancer.

Therefore, NGO Bliri will undertake the initiative "The improvement of women’s access to quality health care" aiming to secure more support from the Municipality of Drenas and the Health institution within the municipality regarding this issue. It also aims to secure medical check-ups free of charge, for women and girls.