NGO Dora Dores

The Municipality of Prizren has an Action Plan on Achieving Gender equality 2012-2014, compiled by NGO "Dora Dores" and approved by the Municipality of Prizren.

Now, Dora Dores’ initiative “Development of Gender Policies in the Municipality of Prizren” aims to ensure the equal participation of women and men in health, social, economic and political affairs . Also, it aims to create an equal opportunities for them to enjoy all their rights and to put into service their individual potential, to the benefit of society.

The initiative will ensure the continuation of Gender Policies through planning new targets for the next period 2015-2017 and drafting and approval of the Action Plan for achieving gender equality for 2015-2017 in the Municipality of Prizren. In addition, within the Action Plan, this time other areas will be added, that have not been included in the old plan, such as media, culture and sports.