NGO Luna

NGO Luna from its work experience has seen that women’s rights in rural areas are jeopardized in many levels. The social status of women in rural areas is still influenced by traditions. The NGO’s main aim is to improve their health and position in society by raising awareness of women in Vushtri about the importance of going to the gynecologist.

The number of women that go to Mitrovica for gynecological visits has decreased in the recent years. This has been proved by a reserach that NGO Luna has made with 60 women, whereas 45% of them do not make these visits because they are ashamed to be seen by other people going to the gynecologist. Transportation is another important issue that stops them from going to the gynecologist.

Therefore NGO Luna will undertake the initiative "Prevention is the key to health: Regular medical exam save lives" and will organize meetings between women from the local community and NGO Luna representatives anf local and central governmental institutions; as well as organizing lectures with a gynecologist, workshops with women from Roma and Serbian communities, a round-table with representatives from local and central governmental institutions, and educational-informative program for early detection of malignant diseases.