NGO Open Door and NGO Ruka Ruci

"Empowering vulnerable women through knowledge and awareness on the Law on Gender Equality, Law No.2004/2" is the initiative that will be undertaken by NGO Open Door and NGO Ruka Ruci, which received a “Networking for Change” Grant of Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF).

This came up as a need, since Kosovo continues to be the poorest place in Europe. Economic and social challenges continue to dominate citizens concerns. Latest studies suggest that at least 45 % of the population is poor, with poverty rates disproportionately high among women, female-headed households, children and members of Kosovo’s Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (RAE) [Kosovo Household Budget Survey World Bank 2008, and Kosovo Human Development Report, UNDP 2010]. 

Gender-based exclusion spreads throughout Kosovo society and cuts all segments of women’s life, in particular of those residing in rural areas. In a traditional culture and poor economic climate, Kosovo woman continue to face a life of constrained potential. They are held back by a legacy of cultural prejudices, and a widespread lack of opportunity, so far unchallenged by uneven enforcement of EU-compliant legislation.

Through implementing their joint initiative, both NGOs’ aim for women to be able to enjoy their rights and gender equality is achieved through full implementation of the Law on Gender Equality and related legal framework.