Public Letter to the Mayor of Skenderaj: Zero Tolerance for Denigrating Language Toward Women

Dear Mayor of Skenderaj, Mr. Bekim Jashari, 

Multiple media outlets reported yesterday on the insulting and denigrating language that the Director of Property, Cadastre Geodesyi in the Municipality of Skenderaj, Ramiz Shala, has publicly used against the assembly member Vjollca Ramadani. 

Shala used the offensive terms “crow” (Alb “sorrë”) and “slumdog” (Alb “zagaricë”)d when addressing Ramadani through a post on the social media platform, Facebook. This language is indicator of an unacceptable mentality in the representatives of our institutions. 

Through this letter we call on you to dismiss Mr. Shala, believing that such language should never have a place in public institutions, and should be condemned without any compromise. 

We remind you that our commitment to empower women’s participation in politics, both locally and nationally, is closely linked to the daily effort to build a society where women and girls are not discriminated against and enjoy equal treatment by society and institutions. Therefore, we ask you not to tolerate this misogyny, which is denigrating for women and their position in society. 

The mission of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), a network of 158 organizations, is to support, protect and promote the rights and the interests of women and girls throughout Kosovo, regardless of their political beliefs, religion, age, level of education, sexual orientation and ability. KWN fulfills its mission through the exchange of experience and information, partnership and networking, research and advocacy. 


Igballe Rogova 

Executive director 

Kosovo Women’s Network