The Foundation for Education and Development

Since the end of 2013, public transportation of passengers that has been for free for the villages and the municipality is now stopped. This has become very serious problem for citizens of all communities living in the region. Therefore the Foundation for Education and Development (FED) undertook the initiative of " Organizing and interethnic cooperation of the women in Novobrdo.

FED identified the participants of the project; selected them in consultation with several municipal councilors and activists in Novo Brdo; antd then it organized a five days training in the field of advocacy. After the training women advocated to the Mayor of the MUnicipality regarding this topic.

In this way there was interaction of the group, aiming for their issue to be considered in the chairmanship of the Assembly, and directly affect the decision/ solution of the Mayor; socialization of the women among themselves by exchanging ideas; and their achievement to advocate to the mayor for the solution of the problem.