KWN Appeals: Vote for More Women in Parliament

On 24 Sept. 2019, Kosovo Women’s Network held a coordination meeting with member organizations and volunteers taking part in the “Vote for more Women in Parliament” campaign.

About 200 volunteers, for five days (25-29 Sept.) went door-to-door talking to citizens in over 15 municipalities of Kosovo, including Serbian-speaking municipalities. They discussed with women and men voters the importance of voting for more women in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for 6 Oct. 2019. Moreover, on October 1, KWN distributed flyers and met with citizens of Prishtina along with member organizations as follows: Art Without Limit, NGO – Open Door, Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations of Kosovo, United Women’s Association, Kosovar Gender Studies Center.

These activities are a follow-up of canvassing that KWN has already done in several cities. Through these visits, representatives of KWN member organizations have distributed flyers and have discussed with citizens the importance of electing more women in parliament.

At the beginning of the coordination meeting with member organizations and volunteers, Igballe Rogova, KWN Executive Director, informed the attendees that this campaign seeks equal representation in parliament.

         “Since political parties are not implementing the Law on Gender Equality, which required 50% equal representation, this campaign enables citizens to vote for more women in parliament, hence implement this law,” Rogova said.

The Law on Gender Equality (LGE) guarantees equal gender representation in all areas, including politics. In violation of this Law, neither the parliament nor the government has ensured equal participation of women and men, defined by law as 50% of each. Therefore, it’s up to us as citizens to make equality happen! KWN encourages all citizens to vote for women who will represent our interests in the parliament and who will push for gender equality.

Supporting women’s participation in politics and decision-making is part of the KWN Strategy 2019-2022. KWN also campaigned for this issue in the previous elections held in 2017 and will continue to  support, protect and promote the rights and interests of women and girls throughout Kosovo, regardless of their political, religious, ethnic, age, education, sexual orientation and ability.

KWN considers elections as an essential element of a democratic state, and gender equality as a fundamental human right, so we appeal to people to vote more women into parliament, as a necessary condition to combat the institutional tradition that has unjustly deprived women of their participation in politics and decision-making. Whichever party list you choose, vote for more women in parliament!

This campaign is part of the Action “Strengthening Women’s Participation in Politics,” which is supported by the European Union (EU) Office in Kosovo.

 Organizations that support KWN in implementing this campaign are as follows:

ATO- Vushtrri

Aureola- Obiliq

Alma- Pejë

Bliri- Drenas

Women’s Centre for Rural Development Novobërdë

Centre for Education and Development- Elita – Lipjan

Active Women of Gjakova- – Gjakovë

Handikos Mitrovica- Mitrovicë

Drugëza- Skenderaj

Organization of Persons with Muscular Dystrophy of Kosovo (OPDMK) Prizren

Organization for Local Reforms- Viti

Psychotherapists in Action – Gjilan

Ruka Ruci- Uglarë

Independent Association of Women-Hareja- Rahovec

Association Women’s Initiative- Dragash

Association for Education and the care of family – Gjakovë.