KWN Calls for a Reduction of the Deputy Ministers Number and the Implementation of The Law on Gender Equality

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) expresses its dissatisfaction with and concern about the non-implementation of the Law on Gender Equality (LGE) in the appointing of Deputy Ministers of the Government currently led by Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti. 

This government has so far appointed 46 deputy ministers, only eight of whom are women. Translated into percentage, only 17.4% of these positions belong to women. 

This small number directly contradicts the LGE, a law which guarantees gender equality (50/50) as a condition for the development of a democratic society where men and women have completely equal opportunities in the political and public spheres. KWN urges the government to implement this law and ensure that political agreements do not pose a threat to the common good. 

KWN submits two requests: 

• Reduce the number of deputy ministers, as this leads to misuse of public money and endemic corruption, 

• Have equal gender representation (50/50) in appointing deputy ministers. 

KWN works for a Kosovo where women and men have equal opportunities to education, employment, political participation, health, and a life without violence. Therefore, in full compliance with this vision, KWN, throughout the governing mandate of this government, will seek public accountability and full transparency for the work of the executive in choosing its cabinet.