KWN Expresses Deep Concern Regarding the Discrimination Toward Women in Decision-Making Positions in Kosovo

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) expresses deep concern toward the recent attacks made on women in decision-making positions, regardless of their position or capacity. KWN condemns the portrayal of these capable women as incompetent. 

Women in decision-making positions should be praised for their hard work and performance. Instead, we are witnessing, first-hand the, discriminatory approach of an outdated patriarchal mentality that continues to plague Kosovo. 

We recall that in the last Parliamentary elections held on October 6, 2019, 26 out of 39 women MPs were elected without the gender quota. This was a large increase in the number of women who previously won seats in parliament. In addition to this, women continue to be a constructive part of the political process in Kosovo. Any attempt to invalidate their political role through sexist and misogynistic acts is completely unacceptable. 

Through this statement, KWN would like to express concern about a global increase in this type of behaviour. Language with the sexist and misogynistic intent is a disgrace to the core of the Constitution of Kosovo and denigrates women and their position in society. 

Furthermore, this practice radically undermines an equal, inclusive society, as well as damages the democratic and progressive aspirations of the country. 

KWN has repeatedly called for an end to this harmful approach, which jeopardizes the maintenance and reproduction of unequal social, economic and cultural relations between women and men.