NGO Parajsa Jonë (Our Paradise)

Due to social constraints, many women in the villages of Lipjan Municipality have limited freedom of movement. Sylbije Sahiti, Executive Director of Parajsa Jone (Our Paradise) found a way to break through these constraints: organize trainings in horticulture, vegetable and fruit cultivation, pasteurizing food, and marketing products.

These topics rallied so much interest that more than 120 women ages eight to 55 attended the trainings. Women even offered to share their homes as training venues.
“I am very happy to share this space with women,” said Hanife, a participant who hosted a training in her garden. “It’s hard for women to leave their homes. This is a perfect excuse for them to get out of their daily routine.”

During trainings held this summer, Sylbije showed women how to plant seeds, using her leadership skills to motivate women. They could undertake initiatives to earn their own money and even start their own businesses, she said. “Do not be ashamed or afraid of sharing your ideas with others and making your dreams become a reality,” she told the women, who had gathered on plastic lawn chairs for a training in Krojmir village. “When I first started this initiative, I didn’t have support from my family. My husband didn’t think I could do it. However, today he has seen the success and he is very supportive. Now I can provide income for my family,” she said. “I believe that each of you has unique ideas, can become successful, and can earn money for yourself and your family.”

For this six-month initiative, Parajsa Jone received support from the Kosovo Women’s Fund (€2,656).