Partner Organizations of Kvinna till Kvinna reflect on their results and achievements

Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK) gathered around 33 participants of its members organizations in Budva, Montenegro from 07-10 October, were KWN is taking part.
    KtK and partner organizations are reflecting on the achievements and results of their work as activists.
On the first day, Anna Sundén and Yllka Soba moderated the workshop which included discussions and group work focusing on the positive results that partners had these past years.
In the second part of the day, they reflected on the on the Kosovo and Albania program review. Jim Newlirk, external evaluator of KtK, opened a series of discussions on ways of reporting for KtK and its members organizations.
     “There should be a better connection between activities and results, and this should reflect on the work report of these organizations.” he added.
    Participants agreed that because of KtKs proper approach towards partner organizations, especially the continuous support on bureaucratic procedures of projects implementations, member organizations have succeeded in their enforcement.
     “The format of the report, or the statistics and numbers are not important for us. It is important that the donor sees the changes we are bringing with our initiatives. Statistics and numbers do not measure the change that we brought with this initiative” – Said Snezhana Karadzic from Women Committee for the Protection of Human Right.
On the second day, participants together with KtK will work on creating a new regional 2015-2019 KtK strategy for the Westerns Balkans.