Shqiponjat e Dardanës advocate to improve the status of women in the Municipality of Gracanica

Shqiponjat e Dardanes, (Eagles of Dardana) NGO based in Gracanice, has successfully conducted a research on women in decision-making.
This initiative was inspired from the workshop
Doing Research: Quantitative & Qualitative Methods”, Organized by KWN on 9 Jun. as well as individual mentoring that KWN offered to grant recipients through Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF).
The staff of NGO Shqiponjat e Dardanes conducted a successful research by interviewing 120 respondents.  
   “This is the first time that we took an initiative like this in a closed environment like ours” said Havushe Bunjaku, Executive Director. “From the workshop organized by KWN I learned the proper way to conduct research. Before, I thought that you should go inside every house of neighborhood, but during the workshop we learned that it should be in every fourth house.”
The research will be used as a tool to advocate to local institutions to increase the number of women in decision-making processes in Kishnica and other regions of Gracanica.
    After the research was successfully conducted, on 16 September, the staff of Shqiponjat e Dardanes held an official meeting with the Officer for Gender Equality, Mrs. Sunçica Trajkoviç, also head of the Non-Formal Group of Women in Graçanica Municipality; Marijana Simiç and Nevenka Rikallo members of this group. During the meeting NGO Shqiponjat e Dardanes got the information that they can be part of the Non-formal group of women in order to coordinate their activities more effectively. During the meeting they also received information that Municipality of Gracanica had conducted a research regarding the challenges that women in this region face.
   “Based on our experience, we recommend to invite media when you present the results from research so you have more people informed about this issue; we can help you in this case” said Mrs. Sunçica Trajkoviç.
     This initiative is part of the project “Breaking the silence about women’s position in the municipality of Gracanica" supported by Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF).
Kosova Women’s fund is supported by Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK).