The Acting President Dr. Vjosa Osmani presented the award Order Dr. Ibrahim Rugova to the activist and humanitarian Sevdije Ahmeti

Photo Credits: President of the Republic of Kosovo Webpage

December 10, on International Human Rights Day, the Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Vjosa Osmani presented posthumously the award Order Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, to the activist and humanitarian, Sevdije Ahmeti.

On behalf of the Presidency, the award was given to Ahmeti’s family. Sevdije Ahmeti (1944-2016) as won of the main founders and pillars of the women’s movement in Kosovo. Among the earliest defenders of women’s rights as human rights in Kosovo, she was a leader, activist, feminist.

On February 12, 2019, KWN submitted the proposal to the Office of the Presidency, which was approved by the President to mark the 20th anniversary of Kosovo’s liberation, in honor of the great contributor to human rights and women’s rights.