The Centre for Promotion of Women’s Rights

With financial support from KWN’s Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF), last year, the Centre for Promotion of Women’s Rights managed to identify 86 cases of women raped during the war in some villages of Drenas municipality.

Now, with the second initiative "Identification of rape cases in the municipality of Skenderaj", the NGO aims to do the identification of all survivors of rape during the war in Skenderaj municipality, specifically in the villages of Cirez, Baks, Koshiq and Tushile, since there are indications that in these villages there are other victims.

The main purpose of the project is not only to identify this cases, but for them to be supported to integrate into society and learn about opportunities and their rights. Therefore the NGO will try to help them by refering them to the specialized organization KRCT for medical and psycho-social rehabilitation.