MARCHing, not celebrating – again this year women and men marched for human rights

     This year, again, in Kosovo, the 8th of March - women’s international day, was marked with several activities, organized by the civil society, activists, unionists, academia and students. Gathered under the umbrella “The Collective” (Kolektivi) they joined on “MARCHing, not celebrating”, a name that is now being used for the second time for events organized for the women’s day.
     This year, in Prishtina, it was marched for economic and social rights, as a pre-condition for a decent society, to demand employment without exploitation, equality, freedom and social justice, employment with payment that offers us a life with dignity, as well as against sexism, homophobia, transphobia and racism. Also, there was a demand for health insurance, safety at work, and non-discriminative work for all, regardless of ethnicity, age, education, sexual orientation.
     In Prishtina, the activities for marking this day started early in the morning, where organizers went on city streets to mobilize citizens on supporting the march, as well as to let them now for the importance of the day. Later, starting at 10:00 at the National Library, the Manual on Policies Addressing Sexual Harassment at Public Universities was launched, a manual compiled by the NGO Artpolis. 
     At 12:00, the protesting march “MARCHing, not celebrating” started, where more than 500 people marched from “Zahir Pajaziti” square, passing by the Central Bank of Kosovo, the Municipality of Prishtina, the Basic Court, and by the Parliament/Government of Kosovo. Holding banners, all were acclaiming slogans from the Manifesto prepared by the Collective, such as “We want jobs, not harassment!”, “We want children labour to stop!”
     Activities continued with the workshop organized by NGO PEN at 14:30, on integrating gender perspective on organizations and programmes level. Activities were closed with the theatre play “Bits and Pieces” (Copë Copë) produced by Artpolis, displayed at Oda Theatre.

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network