About Us

Established in 1996, KWN was originally an informal network of women’s groups and organizations from various regions in Kosova. Since its inception, KWN has developed into a network that advocates on behalf of Kosovar women, at the local, regional and international level. Representing the interests of its 140 members, including women’s organizations of all ethnic groups from throughout Kosova, KWN is a leader among civil society organizations in Kosova and the region. KWN cooperates regularly with other women’s groups in the region both informally and formally.

Based on its Strategic Plan, KWN has four programs.


Board of Directors

The KWN Board of Directors is elected by the KWN Assembly of Members during the Annual Membership Meeting in December. As the elected representatives of KWN members, it is the second highest decision-making body in the network. The Board of Directors oversees KWN’s work through quarterly meetings, as well as advises on key decisions taken by the network’s staff. Board of Directors members include:

Advisory Board

The KWN Advisory Board involves persons who have contributed greatly to KWN’s work over the years. They are nominated and approved by the KWN Board of Directors for an unlimited term. They regularly provide advice and assistance to KWN, drawing from their vast knowledge, experience, and connections.

Board through years


Belgjyzare Muharremi Board Chair (Director, Open Door)
Arjeta Rexhaj (Director, Gender Training and Research Center)
Ariana Qosja Mustafa (Legal expert / activist for women’s rights)
Behar Selimi (General Director of Kosova Police)
Nazlije Bala (Activist for women’s rights)
Shukrije Gashi (Director, Partners Kosova)
Veprore Shehu (Director, Medica Kosova)


Belgjyzare Muharremi Board Chair (Open Door)
Arjeta Rexhaj (Gender Training and Research Center)
Behar Selimi (Kosova Police)
Besim M. Kajtazi (Ministry for Public Services)
Marte Prenkpalaj (Motrat Qiriazi)
Nazlije Bala (Activist for Women’s Rights)
Veprore Shehu (Medica Kosova)


Naxhije Buçinca Board Chair Director, Women Veterans of Education
Delina Fico Public Administration, Albania
Marte Prenkpalaj Director, Motrat Qiriazi
Besim M. Kajtazi Ministry for Public Services
Vjosa Dobruna Board Chair, Radio Television Kosova
Belgjyzare Muharremi Director, Open Door
Behar Selimi Kosova Police Service


Naxhije Buçinca chair – director, women veterans of education
Belgjyzare Muharremi Director, Open Door
Vjosa Dobruna Radio Television Kosova
Delina Fico World Learning - Albania
Luljeta Vuniqi Executive Director, Kosovar Gender Studies Center
Behar Selimi Kosova Police Service, Colonel
Marta Prekpalaj Director, Motrat Qiriazi


Chair - Naxhije Buçinca Director, Women Vetrans of Education
Delina Fico Country Coordinator, Star Network of World Learning
Marta Prekpalaj Director, Motrat Qiriazi
Luljeta Vuniqi Program Manager, Kosovo Foundation for Open Society
Vjosa Dobruna Board Chair, Radio Television Kosova
Flora Macula Country Program Manager, UNIFEM
Argjentina Grazhdani Media and Civil Society Adviser, USAID