Government Extended the Administrative Instruction on the Joint Registration of Property
Kosovo Women's Network (KWN) is in the final phase of implementing the project "My House, My Right" with the support of PPSE Swiss Contact, which has started since May 2016.
       The percentage of registration and inheritance of property by women still remains low, limiting its access to financial resources and depriving women's economic empowerment which creates the common good for the whole family. 
      The main reason of this project was to increase the number of women who realize their property right, both in personal and joint property, that would affect well-being of women, children's and families as a whole. Until now KWN has assisted over 130 cases of property registration.
     The Administrative Instruction issued by the Agency for Gender Equality (AGE) in cooperation with the Kosovo Cadastral Agency enables all citizens to register the property in joint ownership without administrative fees. KWN in cooperation with its member organizations and AGE have advocated to relevante institutions for amending the Administrative Instruction that extends the Administrative Instruction period from one year to two. Fortunately, during the Government meeting that was held on 6 April, this amendment was approved.
      Property right is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, also in force laws such as: Property Law, Inheritance Law, Family Law, Law on Gender Equality and the Anti-Discrimination Law.
       In order to use the extension of this Administrative Instruction, KWN encourages women and men to initiate the procedures to register their property on behalf of both spouses without an administrative fee. All you have to do is to contact the Municipal Cadastral Office where you live or if you need help you can write at
It is for free!

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