Women from Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina share their Experiences

 Kosovo Women's Network (KWN), represented by Gentiana Murati, Kosovo Women's Fund Coordinator, participated in the study visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Eight organizations from Kosovo and eight Bosnian organizations, gathered in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Kvinna till Kvinna to share the experiences, lessons and challenges faced by women's rights organizations, on April 3 – 8.

            The visit began with meeting the Girls Foundation, where representatives of this organization Selma Hadžihalilović and Jasenka Kapetanović spoke about their work, activities and their way of advocating positive changes in society through education, art and culture. This foundation is known through the PitchWise Festival, which is organized once a year where women artists and activists from BiH and other countries gather and celebrate the diversity, strength and achievements of women.
            Further, in Eastern Herzegovina - Trebinje, a meeting was held with the Women's Center Foundation during which the representative of the organization, Ljiljana Čičković, briefly presented the foundation's story and their current activities focusing on domestic violence and women’s economic empowerment. They have established good cross-sectoral and community co-operation to address domestic violence issues at the local level. They also provide legal aid and psychosocial support and advocate for the economic empowerment of survivors of domestic violence.
            The following days were reserved for the workshops "Women's Organization and Shrinking Space for Women Civil Society" led by Yllka Soba KtK Kosovo and Belma Becirbasic KtK BiH, during which participating organizations shared their experiences by exchanging challenges and lessons learned during the last two years focusing on the women’s organizing against domestic violence and the participation of women in decision-making processes.
Participating organizations also discussed the narrowing of space for women in civil society, with particular emphasis on advocacy and how space shrinking could affect women's organizations fighting for human rights.

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network