KGSC launched a report on Gender Policies in Civil Society and Private Sector

 On 16 June, the Kosovar Gender Studies Center (KGSC) organized a conference presenting their latest report on “Gender Policies in Civil Society and Private Sector”.

            The presentation was prepared by KGSC members, Luljeta Demolli, Lavdi Zymberi, and Nita Zogiani, and included opening remarks by Kushtrim Kaloshi, the executive director of Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC). Kaloshi described the issues of not only incorporating gender-based strategies into civil societie and the private sector, but focusing on how to efficiently implement them. The presenters offered solutions to keeping organizations accountable for discrimination-free workspaces, such as creating possible criteria and written policies to follow, training staff members, implementing safety provisions within the labor law, improving the functioning of the labor inspectorate, etc. Overall, the final project touched upon important topics of health insurance, job security, contract duration, paternal leave, and worker rights’ protections.   
            Ms. Lavdi Zymberi, one of the main researchers, stated the need to analyze the different needs and concerns between women and men. In her findings, she concluded that women workers’ main concern was health insurance, especially because most workplaces do not offer health insurance, while men workers’ main concern was salary. Also, discrimination and lack of protection proved to be a reoccurring issue within work environments, mostly seen in job vacancy advertisements or the tendency to hire certain workers to avoid potential pregnancy leave. Ms. Zymberi concluded that not only are there no protection meassures for sexual harassment cases, such as no specifically-trained human resource personnel, but that many employees are not aware of protective rights even if they are available.
            During the open discussion portion of the conference, attendees both thanked and commented the project’s work. While many were appreciative that KGSC researched issues within workplaces, some mentioned a need for a more diverse study population, such as including sectors from other regions in Kosovo or studying disabled people and their discrimination. KGSC gracefully responded, saying that they plan to continue their research and will expand into different areas and identities.
            The report “Gender Policies in Civil Society and Private Sector” with 120 respondents was supported by ATRC and USAID.
The full report can be read here: The Kosovar Center for Gender Studies is also a member of the Kosova Women’s Network.

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