KWN Held its members bimonthly meeting
On 11 September 2017, the next-in-the-row bimonthly meeting of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) members was held in Prishtina, attended by 42 representatives of KWN member organizations, members of Lobby for Gender Equality in Kosovo, representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and other KWN supporters.
            Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of KWN, opened the meeting welcoming all the attendees. She informed the members of the election of the new Chairperson of the Board, Besnik Leka, who said that he, “has always monitored the work of the Network and it is a privilege for him to be part of the Network”.
Later, Ms. Rogova expressed her dissatisfaction and disappointment at the number of women representatives in the new government; of 21 ministers, only two are women. Sharing the same opinion, the members decided to issue a press release on this matter as a Network.
Among others, she said that she has always had three dreams and two of them have come true and one only partially so. When it started to work like Qiriazi Sisters did, the women’s organizations did not have access to various donors due to various reasons. Her first dream came true through building capacities of KWN member organizations through the Kosovo Women’s Fund, which serves as a mechanism to empower such organizations. Her second dream to engage more men in the women’s movement in Kosovo, has also come true. Her third dream is about the solidarity among women, not only those among non-governmental organizations, but also those engaged in political domain. Unfortunately, this solidarity has not yet reached the level we want to see; therefore, we should work more to show solidarity to each other
In addition, she talked about the meeting of the Lobby for Gender Equality in Kosovo, which was held on 8 September in Deçan and said that it was a very powerful meeting where women from the civil society and those from politics discussed on concrete advocacy strategies towards reaching gender equality at municipal level.
Moreover, Mrs. Rogova narrated the semester report to KWN members concerning the activities carried out in line with the KWN strategy programs for the period from January to June; she was followed by Besa Shehu, Finance and Administration Manager, who presented the semester financial report.
Alba Loxha, Coordinator for Public Relations, introduced the draft of membership regulation, which was decided on by the members as well, to be drafted specially only for the membership. During the presentation, the members contributed various comments and suggestions; however, it was decided to consult regulation templates after the Law on Freedom of Association in NGOs is reviewed.
Furthermore, Magbule Elezi from the Kosovo Midwives Association, a KWN member, brought up her concern regarding maternities being closed in various municipalities because of gynecologists being in insufficient numbers. She said that the role of midwives must be promoted because once the midwives are involved, a maternity can function even without gynecologists. Therefore, a mother’s situation may be monitored even if it is worsened, because the midwives can provide the needed help.
Bahrije Deva from the Association for Education and Family Care, a KWN member, talked about a project that they are implementing these days, which relates to raising the awareness of girls of gynecological visits and the services offered by health institutions to women following their childbirth. She stated that it must be advocated that women be seen by midwives for at least the first five weeks following the childbirth. In addition, she brought up the matter of the involvement of psychologists in the entire process, because of post-natal depression in women, which is not dealt with seriously.
As these matters were considered highly important, it was decided to establish the Advocacy Group for Health, so that they advocate together for women’s access to quality health care in Kosovo. The Group met on 12 September to discuss the manners in which they can advocate for the raised concerns.
Afterwards, Feride Rushiti from the Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT), a KWN member, shared with the attendees the process and general situation of the survivors of sexual violence during the Kosovo war. She started by congratulating the Network on its achievements so far. “The concrete results are already obvious, and we hope that one of the priorities of the government will be the allocation of pensions for survivors of sexual violence during war. The elected committee and secretariat have been elected without any political interventions”, Ms. Rushiti said. She added that the civil society has advocated that this committee be initially trained for three months with a particular focus on the concepts of sexual violence as provided for in international covenants, domestic laws; on the consequences, interview techniques, and so on. 
This meeting was supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo.

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

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