Women from Carrabreg Village, Deçan, learn about mediation

  On 3 October, Klubi Social ‘Jeto’ Organization held a meeting with the women of Carrabreg Village, Municipality of Deçan, in the framework of the project titled “Easier access to justice for women who have property disputes or contests”, attended by 15 women and the representatives of the Kosovo Women’s Network. 
       Ms. Vjosa Shehu, Project Manager, gave a short presentation on the project, showing that its general aim was to “raise the awareness of the officers of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, and establish contacts between them and the Mediation Center to help girls and women to speak freely on their contests and disputes”. This project aims at raising the women and girls’ awareness of mediation procedure.

                The quick dynamics of economic development and social changes taking place in our country during the recent years is characterized by a huge increase in numbers of the disputes and conflicts between people. In such conflicting situations, people usually think that the most common way to solve conflicts is through formal judicial procedures.
However, the adjudication is not the only remedy to effectively resolve contests between parties. The most basic form of conflict resolution is negotiation, which mainly includes discussions between interested parties in order to find common ground or at least understand the differing stances they have.
In this regard, considering that women in Kosovo are usually involved in various disputes or conflicts, mediation gives the right to be equal in solving the disputes.
Kosovo has the Law no. 03/L-057 on Mediation, which is a reliable and confidential procedure; through mediation, the parties may solve their disputes in out-contentious proceedings.
Ms. Shehu said that, “mediation is a more peaceful way to solve disputes and lasts less than trials, with the maximum being 90 days, and costs much less to the parties.”
All the women attendees accepted that that was the first time they were hearing about mediation. One of the women said, “I hope I never have any dispute, but if I do face such situation, I now know whom to address myself to.”
At the end of the meeting, Ms. Shehu, being a mediator herself, informed the women that if they or any of their relatives has any dispute, they may address themselves to her. She offered to process the case free of charge.
This project was supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

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