Instead of a commemoration
A special friend
A year ago, on 19 November 2016, the Kosovo Women’s Lobby was holding its meeting at Gërmia bar. At around noon, Igo’s cellular phone rang and she rushed outside. We were left speechless. We did not know what was going on.
A few minutes later, Igo came; her eyes were in tears and her lips trembling. She announced us the mournful news: “I am sorry, but we have to terminate the meeting. Today, a special fiend of ours, Sevdije Ahmeti, passed away”. She could not continue the sentence... We were left speechless. Only the tearms running down women’s cheeks could be seen.
And who did not know Sevdije Ahmeti? That energetic women, daring activist, who was loving and smiling all the time with the people surrounding her.
Sevdije Ahmeti, the most privileged sister from her paternal great family of Çarkaxhiu; the distinguished student of the Faculty of Philology, English Language department.
The first student to receive a scholarship for improving language skills in London.
Sevdije, a devoted spouse, mother of Flamur and Urim, who, as young people that they are, ran the house errands for her so that she could work for the holy cause.
Sevdije, the new spirit and soul of the University Library.
Sevdije, the mastermind of women’s movement in 1990s, who did not accept to become a leader, because she wanted to be an activist only.
Sevdije, co-founder of the Center for Protection of Women and Children.
She never blinked an eye when she went into war zones to help vulnerable women and children.
Sevdije, on the vanguard of all protests organized for freedom and independence.
Sevdije, signatory of numerous petitions related to human rights violation.
She consistently traveled to Europe and even to Beijing to participate in women’s conferences, in which she was honored with numerous prizes, decorates and recognition.
Sevdije was the first daring woman who told internationals: “STOP! WE ARE THE LORDS OF THIS HOUSE!”.
Right after war, Sevdije Ahmeti raised her voice to support and rehabilitate women who had been violated during war.
Her activities were endless.
Sevdije Ahmeti’s heart was broken into pieces and her soul wounded when she was exhausting her entire being for Kosovo.
Sevdije loved Prishtina, Ulcin, Vlora, Preveza, Struga and Korab’s fields so much.

We will always remember her with respect and 

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network