“Dera e Hapur” launches the newest project “E shpis”

 On 21 March, Dera e Hapur Women Center, which is also a member of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), lauched the social business “E shpis” (home-made), which is the project of this Center but will run independently.     
  This enterprise was an old dream of Dera e Hapur staff and this year which became true with support from Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
     “E shpis’” aims at offering high quality, traditional dishes thus creating new jobs for women and girls.
     During the launching meeting, Ms. Belgjyzare Muharremi, Director of Dera e Hapur Women Center gave a short presentation on the project, stating that “E Shpis” enterprise has employed a total of ten women—eight who prepared the dishes, and two others each dealing with financial and business management matters. She hopes that the business will expand more leading to more women being employed there.

     “Women who will prepare dishes are civil victims of war, who need a job the most and are experienced in preparing traditional dishes,” she said.
       Traditional dishes prepared by “E shpis” may be purchased at the center or ordered. Dera e Hapur will offer a rich Albanian cuisine with a wide range of choices.
       Meanwhile, GIZ representative said that he is very happy that such business was opened and hopes that “E shpis” will be supported by other donors as well and that these dishes are demanded more and the number of employees increases”. He further emphasized that, “This is the first cooperation and I hope that we will continue to cooperate in the future, too.”

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

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