Women’s Initiative Association

Low economic development is one of the factors that directly affects the gender perspective, so that the interest of women's activism in civil society, political participation through different forums is very small or is completely lacking. The number of women employed in Dragash is very small and it is far from reference to the Law on Gender Equality, and none of them is in the decision making position.

Women’s Initiative Association considers there is a great need on organizing, networking and cooperation between young women and GEO, advocating group, formal group and other local and international mechanisms in order to help with activities in gender issues.

Therefore they will undertake the initiative "Women of Sharr aims to integrate in social and political life" and plan to achieve this integration through organizing activities such as roundtables, workshops, radio debates, meetings for exchanging experiences and also to create the groups of active women whom will participate in the meetings of the municipal assembly and other debates where decisions that indicate women directly are taken.

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network