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Mission: Promote equal opportunities and ongoing protection of the rights of persons with special needs toward a quality life for them and their families
Year established: 2002
Target Group: Women, youth
Area of expertise: Human Rights / Women’s Rights / Children’s Rights, People with Special Needs
Activities: Hendifer organizes camps for women and youth; offers activities and courses in tailoring, literacy, and computers; and provides social services for older people with special needs who do not have family support. The organization has provided services for 65 persons on a daily basis, assisted by youth volunteers from high schools. It has 380 members, 40 of which are very active.
Contact Person: Fazile Bungu
Phone: 044 226 923
Address: Ramadan Rexhepi str., Nr. 1, Ferizaj
Municipality: Ferizaj

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network