KWN Member

Parajsa Jonë (Our Paradise)

Mission: Women’s economic empowerment, awareness-raising toward their economic independence and capacity building
Year established: 2010
Target Group: Women
Area of expertise: Economic Empowerment
Activities: The organization provides training in horticulture. Afterward, women cultivate healing and aromatic plants, seedlings and pine, fruits and vegetables, as well as make handmade products. All products are sold in fairs and markets. The organization also advocates for women’s rights as a member of the Women Caucus. In total, it has 40 members.
Contact Person: Sylbije Sahiti
Phone: 044 657 928
Address: Babush i Muhaxherëve, Lipjan
Municipality: Lipjan

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network