KWN Member

Dora Dorës (Hand to Hand)

Mission: Supports women in their path to emancipation by promoting gender equality through gender policy, advocacy and creating conditions for the social, economic and political welfare of women.
Year established: 2003
Target Group: Women, girls
Area of expertise: Gender-based Violence / Domestic Violence /Anti-Trafficking, Gender Equality, Human Rights / Women’s Rights / Children’s Rights
Activities: Promotion of gender policies, advocacy, campaigns on violence against women, building a multi-ethnic community.
Contact Person: Vjosa Curri
Phone: +377 (0)44 216 616 +377 (0)44 670 067
Address: Mbreti Zog str., Nr. 59, Prizren
Municipality: Prizren

Kosovo Women's Fund Documentary, 2015-2017

Kosova Women's Network